Songs I Love - "The Car in Front of Me" by Luke Bryan

Posted by: Pat Watters
July 29, 2015

Once upon a time, in 2007, a guy named Luke Bryan cut an album called "I'll Stay Me." And man, I liked that record. The singles from the album were "All My Friends Say," "Country Man," and "We Rode in Trucks." But this song was rich in songs that never became singles like "Baby's on the Way," "Tacklebox," and "Pray About Everything." The songwriting was great, the songs were pretty damn country, and the album sounded like the beginning of something great. My favorite song on the album was called "The Car in Front of Me" (written by Bryan and Jim McBride). 

I like country music that makes me feel. A lot of times, the feeling is sadness. And that's ok. Not every day is a keg party. Country, when done best, rides from highs to lows with fluidity, just like real life. This tune is a well-written heart breaker that sounds like real life to me. Give it a listen...

Of course, if you've heard a recent Luke Bryan song, you know I couldn't have been more wrong about the direction he was going to go with country music. But regardless of where he's gone, he started somewhere pure. And this song is an excellent demonstration of it. 
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